DSE control pendants

Easy installation due to integrated display

DSE control pendants

'E' stands for ergonomics

DSE control pendants

Close-fitting protection against moisture and abrasive materials

DSE control pendants

For controlling hoists and machinery

DSE control pendants

High functional reliability thanks to elastic protective sleeve and bumper

Hoist Control Pendants - Machinery Control Pendants

DSE-10 control pendant enables ergonomic control of  hoists and machinery. These wire-connected units are used for controlling DC chain hoists and DR rope hoists in applications with up to three motion axis. To address these needs, we supply DSE-10 control pendants for two different control technologies:
  • DSE-10C/CS: control pendants to control DC chain hoists, traveling hoists and cranes with an innovative 'triState' interface
  • Available with 2-stage pushbuttons (C) or with variable pushbuttons (type CS)
  • DSE-10R: control pendants with a CAN bus interface prepared for safely controlling DR rope hoists, traveling hoists and DR cranes that are fitted with CAN bus-based safety control.

Both models offer excellent features, such as:

  • Ergonomic control pendant designed for safe and easy operation
  • Housing that is highly resistant to impacts
  • Comprehensive accessories for operation in harsh environments and protection against fluids



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