Z cylindrical-rotor motors

Strong motor output up to 75 HP

ZB cylindrical-rotor motors

Perfectly engineered braking performance

Z cylindrical-rotor motors

Specially designed to match our range of gearboxes

ZBE/ZNE cylindrical-rotor motors

For continuous duty – in energy efficiency class IE2

Cylindrical Rotor Motors

Our Z cylindrical-rotor motors perform a wide variety of industrial drive tasks – reliably and effectively. They are suitable for a broad range of applications, offering outstanding performance:

  • motor output up to 72 HP (45 kW)
  • inverter-fed drives for travel applications, line-fed travel and continuous operation
  • specially designed to match our range of gearboxes
  • simple project engineering
  • high drive efficiency
  • software tools to calculate drive requirements according to specified physical characteristics



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