Demag drive systems

Solutions for mobile architecture

Demag crane technology

For precise, safe and reliable handling

High level of safety

Also in tandem operation

Demag cranes

All-round performance for pipeline construction

Demag drive systems

Solutions for mobile architecture

Construction Cranes

Whenever buildings or infrastructure projects are developed, Demag crane installations and drive systems are not far away. A particularly demanding aspect of our activities in the construction industry includes solutions for mobile architectural elements, such as traveling roof sections or rotating buildings.

Fields of application

  • Manufacturing of building elements
  • Tunnel and pipeline construction
  • Mobile architecture
  • Precast construction

Manufacturing of building elements

Concrete, steel, lime or wood – regardless of the material used for building elements, they all have to be picked up and transported in industrial pre-production operations. Demag has the right solution to meet all needs.

Tunnel and pipeline construction

Leading manufacturers of construction machinery and local construction companies rely on Demag crane systems. Tunnel and pipeline constructions sites use Demag portal cranes and hoists to lower machine parts and accessories into the shafts.

Mobile architecture

We supply technical solutions for all types of demanding requirements in the construction industry. Using Demag drive systems, architects and planners can put their ideas into practice – for state-of-the-art architecture in motion.

Precast construction

Customized solutions are required for manufacturing of precast construction parts.


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