DWS wheel sets

For load capacities up to 138,000 lbs per wheel

DWS wheel sets

High-performance drive solutions with Demag right angle gear motors

DWS wheel sets

Perfect combination with Demag right angle gear motors

DWS wheel sets

Space-saving combination with Demag right angle gear motors

Wheel Sets

Our DWS wheel set performs rail transport, including for heavier loads. We use our DWS wheel set to build complete travel units of driven and non-driven design.  These are equipped with our offset and right angle gear motors from our modular range of industrial drives.

The use of these proven DWS series-manufactured components offers a high level of functional reliability and guarantees ease of installation when the wheel is replaced. Thanks to its versatility, the DWS wheel set can be used in the crane and materials handling sector and related mechanical engineering solutions.

  • DWS wheel sets can be installed in hollow profile sections, box-section girders and used as corner-bearing travel units
  • The entire wheel set can be installed without the need for complicated alignment in corner bearing arrangements
  • Complete configuration with torque bracket
  • CAD drawings are available in numerous formats to support your design process.


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