LRS travel wheel system

The right solution for travel speeds up to 780 ft/min (240 m/min)

LRS travel wheel system

Modular system to meet specific requirements

LRS travel wheel system

Excellent travel characteristics due to spheroidal-graphite cast-iron travel wheel with two flanges

LRS travel wheel system

Hydropur tyres provide excellent traction and quiet operation

Travel Wheel System

Our LRS travel wheel system enables you to meet drive requirements quickly and reliably for transporting, feeding, transfering, distributing or merging applications. We have proven expertise providing travel wheels and drive units for every application.

  • Suitable for wheel loads up to 14,300 lbs (6,500 kg) and travel speeds up to 780 ft/min (240 m/min)
  • High-quality sheroidal-graphite cast-iron housing
  • 5 connection surfaces provide for a multitude of connection variants
  • Versatile thanks to the modular design
  • Also ideal for OEMs
  • Maintenance free


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