MPW open winch units

Proven effective

DC-Pro chain hoist

The industry benchmark

DR-Pro rope hoist

Versatile and fast for load capacities up to 50 tons

MPW open winch units

Universal solutions for crane and plant manufacturers

MPW open winch units

Cost-effective lifting solutions up to 235 tons

Chain Hoists - Rope Hoists & Crane Kits

Our electric chain hoists and rope hoists have effectively functioned as reliable components in overhead cranes and materials handling systems for many decades. Customers in many industries and in more than 100 countries rely on our technology and expertise in lifting applications. We offer a unique range of lifting appliances, from electric chain hoists to open winch units with load capacities of more than 230 tons, we can help you accomplish your material handling goals.

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Electric Chain hoists

Chain Hoists - Ergonomic lifting for load capacities up to 5 tons

Chain hoists


Rope hoists

Rope Hoists - High handling rates up to 100 tons

Rope hoists



Crane kits

Tailored component packages for cranes

Crane sets



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