Demag full-gantry cranes

Independent operation on one level

Demag full-gantry cranes

Driving productivity within outdoor storage yards

Demag full-gantry cranes

Cost-effective outdoor solution

Gantry Cranes - Full Gantry Cranes

Demag full-gantry cranes can be integrated into existing production facilities and inhouse logistics processes. The load-bearing crane girder is part of the frame structure which, together with the legs at either end, forms a traveling bridge. The cranes run on ground-level rails instead of elevated crane runways and power is supplied via a cable reel that is fitted to a leg. Full-gantry cranes are particularly effective for outdoor operation in storage yards and loading areas.

  • Single-girder semi-gantry cranes: load capacities up to 12.5 tons, spans up to 98 ft.
  • Double-girder semi-gantry cranes: load capacities up to 50 tons, spans up to 115 ft.


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