KBK pillar-mounted slewing jibs

Ideal workplace units

KBK wall-mounted slewing jibs

Light jibs – convenient operation

I-beam wall-mounted slewing jibs

High load capacities – low headroom dimension

KBK pillar-mounted slewing jibs

Low deadweight, easy to position

Pillar & Wall Mounted Slewing Jibs

Manually handling or moving relatively light loads is often unsafe, time-consuming and an ergonomic burden for employees. Together with a wide selection of hoist units, Demag slewing jibs and cranes enable loads to be lifted and transported quickly and easily, deposited gently and precisely. In turn, improving safety and efficiency.

  • light and fast load handling
  • ease of operation and high operating safety and reliability
  • load capacities up to 5T
  • simple installation using fittings included in the system.



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Pillar-mounted slewing jibs

Pillar-mounted slewing cranes

Wall-mounted slewing jibs



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