DR-Pro rope hoists

High lifting speeds – maximum handling rates

DR-Pro 20 rope hoists

Compact design, high performance – up to 50 tons

DR-Pro rope hoists

Compact design for optimum utilisation of space

FDR foot-mounted hoists

For direct connection – outstanding adaptability

High Speed Rope Hoists - DR-Pro Rope Hoist

Our DR-Pro is a state-of-the-art rope hoist that meets our customers' existing and future needs. DR-Pro rope hoists feature ergonomic design, extended service life and high lifting speeds for faster handling rates.

Available in four designs, our DR-Pro rope hoists provide the right solution for virtually any application.

  • EKDR hoists with a trolley feature a compact design specifically engineered for crane applications.
  • Low-headroom EZDR double-rail trolleys can also be used in minimum space applications and are rated for loads weighing up to 50 tons.
  • FDR foot-mounted hoists are engineered general applications and are prepared for direct connection in four mounting positions. The free rope lead-off in all directions enables versatile application solutions.





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