RU and CF push-travel trolleys

Smooth travel, low travel resistance

EU electric-travel trolleys

For low-sway load handling

KBK trolleys

Drive solutions for the system

Low-headroom trolley

Compact design for maximum lifting height

Double chain hoist

For mechanically synchronized lifting

Chain Hoist Trolleys

Demag trolleys perfectly complement DC chain hoists and are easily installed on I-beam girders or a KBK modular crane system. For push travel or with electric positioning, our trolleys provide horizontal travel solutions tailored to meet our chain hoist needs.

  • U type trolleys for manual travel
  • E type trolleys for low-sway electric travel
  • Click-fit trolleys that can be clicked into position
  • Smooth-running KBK trolleys as system components
  • Low-headroom trolleys for optimum height utilization
  • Double chain hoist for mechanically synchronized lifting, e.g. for long material or large-volume components



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